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Leadership is influence—nothing more, nothing less. When you become a student of leaders, as I am, you recognize people's level of influence in everyday situations all around you. Leadership that is characterized merely by transactions and exchanges –promise and reward for good performance, or threat and discipline for poor performance –is a prescription for mediocrity. On the other hand “Transformational leaders motivate others to do more than they originally intended and often ever more than they thought possible. They set more challenging expectation and typically achieve higher performance. Transformational leaders are charismatic and inspiring, and they create excitement at work. This leadership and influence training will help to prepare individual learners interested in broadening their knowledge/skills base or for those seeking to instruct others on how to influence others. It will provides a strong foundation in leadership and management, influence techniques, and how to build relationships. Completion of this course will provide participants with effective strategies for influencing others.

Programme content

  • Personal Expressiveness
  • Enhanced ability to Inform, Persuade, Introduce
  • Myths about leadership
  • Goal Setting skills
  • Increased Actualization of one’s potential
  • Problem solving and decision making skills
  • Leadership and Conflict Management Skills
  • Enhanced use of Time and Human Resources

Training Programs