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“The blue print of True Success”


Modern society is paying an exorbitant price (Health, mind, Happiness) for achieving its remarkable Material Prosperity. What is needed to make life a meaningful and satisfying experience is True success, which combines big achievements (Professional success) with happiness (Personal success). The single –minded pursuit of wealth and status in the modern society has created heavy stresses and strains. People are gaining remarkable material Prosperity but are heavily losing health, peace of mind and happiness. The bottom line of corporate is profit: the bottom line of life is Happiness. True success –Success That Succeeds –which combines achievements with happiness has, therefore become an imperative need of modern society. This workshop is designed to enable people to achieve true success.

Programme content

  • Conditioning the mind through deep Introspection and creating Full awareness and conviction of one’s immense Potential
  • Principles of Success
  • Perception
  • Preparation: Building the blueprint for true success through
    • Creating the vision of Glorious Future
    • Developing the will power to achieve that vision
    • Managing stress
    • Understanding the methods of improving one’s potentialities
    • Building positive attitude
    • Developing a positive Mental Attitude
    • Developing Effective Habits and Skills
  • Mantras: Powerful Techniques for Personal Transformation, Motivation, True Success and banishing Negative thoughts
  • Training Programs

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