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Stress is a part of modern life ; with increasing complexity of life , stress is likely to increase. Various events in life cause stress , starting with the birth of a child and ending in the death of a dear one.

The working population constitutes a major section of the community. Industrialization and automation of industrial processes in our country have resulted in rapid changes in the psycho -social environment at workplace and in the reactions of the workers to this environment.

If work-related stress is not recognised, acknowledged and managed appropriately, it can lead to serious illnesses ranging from heart disease to mental disorders, to productivity decreases and to substantial rehabilitation costs.

The workshop will help the participants to understand the nature , causes and consequences of stress in an executive ’s life. It will also help in recognising symptoms , diagnose causes of stress in self and others and learn the significance of simple exercises in managing stress.

Programme content

  • Understanding Stress and its dimensions
  • Physiological Mechanism of stress, Anxiety and worry factors
  • Executive stress, symptoms and Diagnosis
  • Strategies and techniques of stress reduction
  • Knowing your stress levels stress, Stress Exercise
  • Role of Yoga and meditation in stress Management

Training Programs

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