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Communication is universally regarded as the lifeblood of an organisation.Among the various forms of communication , oral communication plays a crucial role particularly in view of direct and immediate exchange of views face to face that takes place between the speaker anfd the listener. In the highly competitive environment in which modern industrial organisation operate , skill of making effective presentation is highly demanded. Through observation of language patterns and non verbal clues and combining it with the processes taking place in the brain, managers can enhance their communication skillss and mastering the powerful art of persuasion , negotiation ,eliminate fears and phobias and low self esteem . The workshop will create among the participants the need to acquire the public speaking skills for making effective presentation. Help building collaborative relationships that emphasises trust and respect. And also eliminate the roadblocks and enhance professionalism at work.

Programme content

  • Understanding Communication as a process.
  • The art and science of effective communication
  • Listening as an important aspect of communication
  • Building relationships through feedback
  • Presentation skills
  • Attitude and personality factors that affect communication
  • Body language
  • Strategies of Persuasion
  • Achieving authentic communication

Training Programs

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