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One of the most important and challenging responsibilities of an administrator and maintain a positive work environment. This is no easy task. When administrators are faced with tight deadlines, reduced staff, and increased demands, the ability to build trust is critical. By learning how to motivate individuals and teams, you will retain key talent, improve productivity, and enhance your effectiveness as a manager. In this highly interactive workshop, focus on what it takes to establish and maintain a culture of trust and learning. Develop a deeper understanding of motivation on both the individual and team level and practice techniques to communicate for results, through simulations, case studies, and activities, learn how to motivate others and foster team synergy.
  • Understand the dynamics of interpersonal relationship within the workgroup develop skills for working with others and managing teams
  • To motivate others through effective coaching techniques
  • To manage their own style and orientations, which influence their relationship with others
  • To manage a high performing team
  • Programme content

    • Group dynamics: The Gains and Liabilities of Group Functioning
    • Effective and ineffective groups
    • Team roles and their implications
    • Generating Group Synergy: Creativity and Problem Solving
    • Team Leadership
    • Team Building Exercise with Management Games
    • Managing Interpersonal Conflicts
    • Interpersonal Style & Effectiveness
    • Conflict Management

    Training Programs

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